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Compton Organ

Rochford/Kingsway Compton Organ

Compton organ, formerly from the Kingsway Cinema Hadleigh, lives on in the Red Brick Barn on Sutton Hall Farm, Rochford.

The Kingsway/Rochford organ, serial No. A337, was built by the John Compton Organ Company in 1936 and installed in the Kingsway cinema Hadleigh for the opening on April 27th.

In 1970 the Cinema was sold for redevelopment and the organ was removed. It was reinstalled in the recreation hall of Rochford Hospital where it remained for 24 years. The organ had only limited use.

In 1996 David Stanley and Gerald Usher removed the organ (just in time) as the hospital hall was being demolished!

A new home was generously provided by local Farmer and Lord of the Manor Charles Tabor at Sutton Hall Farm. This new home was the Red Brick Barn, a listed building and Charles Tabor had extensive work done to accommodate the organ. Since then the organ has been refurbished and is now as good as new.Regular concerts are held and there is an active team who have an ongoing programme of maintenance and enhancements planned.

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